Reginald Dixon - Medleys & Hits From Mister Blackpool (2CD)

Reginald Dixon - Medleys & Hits From Mister Blackpool (2CD)
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Doppel-CD mit historische Aufnahmen von frühen 78er Schallplatten an der Blackpool Wurlitzer... mehr
Produktinformationen "Reginald Dixon - Medleys & Hits From Mister Blackpool (2CD)"

Doppel-CD mit historische Aufnahmen von frühen 78er Schallplatten an der Blackpool Wurlitzer



I dreamed / Tra la la / Amore

Little white lies / You're the cream in my coffee / When I take my sugar to tea / When you're smiling

Evermore / Stowaway / Ev'rywhere

She's funny that way / They can't take that away from me / I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter

Long, long ago / Unchained Melody / You'll always be the one

Garden of Eden / Follow me / Armen's theme (Yesterday and you) / 
Around the world / We will make love / Four walls

Mama / Every day of my life / John and Julie

Just one more time / Boom boom boomerang / Hey Mr. Banjo

Wonderful wonderful / A white sport coat / Wringle wrangle

The skaters' waltz

It's almost tomorrow / My September love / A tear fell

Memories of you / Don't be that way / On the sunny side of the street

A shanty in old Shanty Town / At sundown / My blue heaven

Willie can / The poor people of Paris / The happy whistler

Stranger in paradise / It may sound silly / My world stood still

Bugle call rag / If you knew Susie / Shine

Blaze away

I'm in favour of friendship / Dreamboat / The crazy Otto rag

Crystal ball / Way down yonder in New Orleans / Ricochet

Beer barrel polka / Don't dilly dally on the way / Bye bye blackbird

"The student prince" selection (Part 1) / Deep in my heart, dear / Drinking song / Golden days / Entrance of officers

"The student prince" Selection (Part 2) / Serenade / Deep in my heart, dear / Just we two / Students marching song

She's a lassie from Lancashire / When Irish eyes are smiling / Blaydon races / Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner

D'ye ken John Peel? / On Ilkley Moor baht 'at / We'll keep a welcome / Bonny Banks O' Loch Lommond



Mr. Sandman / S'posin / No more
Why / The book / Rags to riches

Lonely / If you love me / You, you, you
It's a woman's world / Count your blessings instead of sheep / The finger of suspicion points at you

Never Never Land / Third little turning / Sky blue shirt and a rainbow tie

Changing partners / Answer me my love / I need you now

Oh baby mine, I get so lonely / Do, do, do, do, do, do, do it again / I ain't gonna do it no more

When are we gonna get married? / It's great to be young / Oh happy days

Cara mia / The story of Tina / Dream, dream, dream

Pretty as a rainbow / Oom pah pah (Bom pam pa) / I lost my heart in Heidelberg

Glow worm / Seven hills of rome / Broken wings

Bye, bye, baby / My lucky number / I'd give anything

Dancin' with someone / The golden years / Please, please

Don't let the stars get in your eyes / I shall return / She wears red feathers

Haven't got a worry / If I were a bell / You have my sympathy

There's always room at our house / Why worry / Down yonder

Mistakes / Charmaine / Dancing with tears in my eyes

Because you're mine / Keep it a secret / Jenny kissed me

Vaya con dios / True for ever / Butterflies
Black and white rag / Canadian capers

April in Portugal / Wishing ring / My-na, shay-na, ty-ra

Nola / Polly / Kitten on the keys

Turkey in the straw / Chicken reel
In a golden coach / Greensleeves / The Windsor waltz

Ain't she sweet? / I cant give U anything but love / On the sunny side of the street / I do like 2 be beside the seaside

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