Harry Farmer - Get Happy

Harry Farmer - Get Happy
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Der Name ist Programm für diese Doppel-CD: Ein buntes und fröhliches Programm im... mehr
Produktinformationen "Harry Farmer - Get Happy"

Der Name ist Programm für diese Doppel-CD: Ein buntes und fröhliches Programm im Wirtschaftswunder-Hammond-Sound 


CD One 
01. South rampart street parade 
02. Mexican madness 
03. Canadian capers
04. Amor, amor, amor
05. Over the rainbow
06. Opus No.1
07. American Patrol 
08. At the jazz band ball 
09. Mexican hat dance 
10. Stumbling 
11. Get happy 
12. Takes two to tango 
13. Comes A-Lng A-Love 
14. I'll see you in my dreams 
15. An apple for the teacher 
16. Love is just around the corner 
17. You keep coming back like a song 
18. Mean to me 
19. Beyond the blue horizon 
20. Moonlight serenade
21. I've got you under my skin 
22. Cheek to cheek 
23. I'm in the mood for love 
24. I only have eyes for you 
25. Spread a little happiness 
26. Rags to riches 
27. Tunes of the times: Forget-me-not / You belong to me / The Isle of Innisfree

CD Two
01. In the night 
02. Temptation rag 
03. Fascination 
04. Maple leaf rag 
05. Muskrat ramble 
06. Slipped disc 
07. The breeze and I 
08. Bach goes to town 
09. Swanee river 
10. Answer me 
11. Please 
12. I've got a pocketful of dreams 
13. Tip toe through the tulips
14. I'm a dreamer, aren't we all ?
15. Moonglow
16. Deep purple
17. Saturday rag 
18. Goodnight sweetheart
19. Because I love you 
20. If I had a talking picture of you 
21. Sunny side up
22. Painting the clouds with sunshine
23. It's the natural thing to do 
24. Love in bloom 
25. Thanks 
26. Dizzy fingers 
27. Tunes of the times: Here in my heart / Somewhere along  the way / Half as much 

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