Jackie Davis - Jumping HI-FI Hammond

Jackie Davis - Jumping HI-FI Hammond
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2008er Doppel-CD mit Wiederveröffentlichungen früherer LPs des Amerikaners    Disc... mehr
Produktinformationen "Jackie Davis - Jumping HI-FI Hammond"

2008er Doppel-CD mit Wiederveröffentlichungen früherer LPs des Amerikaners 


Disc 1 
01. Time was
02. It all comes back to me now
03. For Heaven's Sake
04. Would you like to take a walk
05. I hear a rhapsody
06. Taking a chance on love
07. I'll close my eyes
08. The night is young and you're so beautiful
09. Sleepy head
10. Beau night in hotchkiss corners
11. It's the talk of town
12. Between the devil and the deep blue see
13. Chasing Park
14. Central Park
15. Irresistable you
16. Where in the world
17. Blue orchids
18. Night wind
19. The fable of the rose
20. Haunting me 
21. Constantly
22. Lavely lady waltz
23. You keep coming back like a song
24. I've got a pocket full of dreams

Disc 2
01. Across the alley from the alamo
02. Darn that dream
03.  I got the sun in the morning
04. I wonder when my baby's coming home
05. Isn't it romantic ?
06. What's the trouble ?
07. I've hitched my wagon to a star
08. So beats my heart for you
09. Jumpin' Jackie
10. Moonlight becomes you
11. I'd love to take orders from you
12. Coffee time
13. Standing on the corner
14. Surprise
15. Long before i knew you
16. Push de button
17. It's the second time you meet that matters
18. All of you
19. Just my Luck
20. Wish
21. Till there was you
22. Say Darling
23. I feel pretty
24. Jubilation T. Cornpone

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