David Lobban - Roll Out The Barrel

David Lobban - Roll Out The Barrel
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Organist David Lobban, die Sängerin Sheila G. White und das Duo Blueberry Hill präsentieren... mehr
Produktinformationen "David Lobban - Roll Out The Barrel"

Organist David Lobban, die Sängerin Sheila G. White und das Duo Blueberry Hill präsentieren Karaoke-Medleys mit Wurlitzer-Begleitung. Die beiliegende DVD enthält die Songtexte zum Mitsingen. 



01. The beer barrel polka 
02. It's a long way to tipperary
03. Pack up your troubles 
04. I'm looking over a four leaf clover
05. Toot toot tootsie goo'bye 
06. Swanee
07. Baby face 
08. California here I come 
09. Music music music
10. The Blackpool belle 
11. I can't give you anything but love 
12. Happy days and lonely nights 
13. If those lips could only speak 
14. Let me call you sweetheart 
15. I'll be your sweetheart 
16. I'll always be in love with you 
17. Diamonds are a girl's best friend 
18. An apple for the teacher 
19. Pennies from heaven 
20. Arrivederci Roma 
21. Run, rabbit run 
22. A nice cup of tea 
23. My old man's a dustman 
24. Oh Johnny oh Johnny oh 
25. Shine on harvest moon 
26. Who's sorry now?
27. A - You're adorable
28. Release me 
29. Put your arms around me honey 
30. Yes sir that's my baby 
31. If you knew Susie 
32. Somebody stole my Gal 
33. Bill Bailey, won't you please come home 
34. Don't dilly dally on the way 
35. Give my regards to broadway 
36. Hello Dolly 
37. Blee 'em all 
38. My Bonny lies over the ocean 
39. Home on the range 
40. Daisy bell 
41. Lambeth walk
42. Knees up mother brown 
43. Who were you with last night 
44. Wotcher 
45. Down by the riverside 
46. Ain't she sweet 
47. When you're smiling 
48. You are my sunshine 
49. Sonny boy 
50 April showers
51. Someday
52. I'll be seeing you 
53. Goodbye Dolly Grey 
54. Blue skies 
55. How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm 
56. The world is waiting for the sunrise 
57. Happy days are here again 
58. The best things in life are free 
59. Bye bye blues 
60. Whispering 
61. True love 
62. It happended to monterey 
63. Ramona 
64. Where the blue of the night 
65. I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter 
66. I wouldn't leave my little wooden hut for you 
67. Ramblin' rose 
68. Painting the clouds with sunshine 
69. Tip toe through the tulips 
70. A fine romance 
71. Then I'll be happy 
72. Little girl 
73. Sweet Sue just you 
74. Don't laugh at me 
75. Little white lies 
76. You always hurt the one you love 
77. You're nobody 'til somebody loves you 
78. Love and marriage 
79. Miss you 
80. Ain't that a grand and glorious feeling 
81. Bring me sunshine 
82. I wanna be like you 
83. Happy feet 
84. Hello bluebird 
85. Let's fall in love 
86. Hometown 
87. Strollin'
88. Underneath the arches 
89. Friends and neighbours 
90. Red roses for a blue lady 
91. My blue heaven 
92. Bei mir bist du schon 
93. Five foot two eyes of blue 
94. Pal of my cradle days 
95. My wild irish rose 
96. Meet me tonight in dreamland 
97. When your old wedding ring was new 
98. On mother Kelly's doorstep 
99. Moonlight and roses 
100. All of me 
101. We'll meet again 

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