Ken Griffin - Down Melody Lane (2CD)

Ken Griffin - Down Melody Lane (2CD)
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Neue Doppel-CD mit jeweils 74 Minuten historischer Aufnahmen auf der Hammond bzw. der... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ken Griffin - Down Melody Lane (2CD)"

Neue Doppel-CD mit jeweils 74 Minuten historischer Aufnahmen auf der Hammond bzw. der Wurlitzer-Orgel. 

I Want To Be Happy
Melody Of Love
Black Beauty Much
Love Letters In The Sand
We All Need Love
Wedding Bells
The Nearness Of You
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
Mexicali Rose
Symphony In 3/4 Time
I’m Confessin’
Sweet Georgia Brown
September Song
Oh, Ma Kodi
I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire
Dark Eyes
You Are My Sunshine
In The Good Old Summertime
Teardrops On My Pillow
Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
Faraway Places
Londonderry Air (Oh, Danny Boy)
My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time
Over The Waves (Loneliest Night of the Year)
My Kentucky Home
Show Me The Way To Go Home


You, You, You
I Remember When
La Paloma
Beautiful Ohio
Tears Never Lie
It Had To Be You
I’ve Written Your Name On My Heart
Oh, Happy Day
The Sheik Of Araby
Open Up Your Heart
Peggy O’Neil
Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
By The River Sainte Marie
Why Did You Break My Heart?
Ferryboat Serenade
El Choclo (Kiss of Fire)
Cecile Waltz
River Stay ’Way From My Door
Imi Au La Oe (King’s Serenade)
Until Tomorrow
You Can’t Tell I Lied To Your Heart
Ol’ Man River
Hi Lili, Hi-Lo
’Till I Waltz Again With You
But The Waters of Minnetonka
So Long (It’s Been Good To Know You)

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