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Booker T. Jones - Note By Note Booker T. Jones - Note By Note
Das 11. Soloalbum des amerikanischen Hammond-Organisten, mit verschiedenen Gastmusikern Titel: Cause I Love You Born Under A Bad Sign B-A-B-Y I Want You Precious Lord These Arms Of Mine Havana Moon Stardust Time Is Tight Maybe I Need Saving Paralyzed
20,90 € *
James Taylor Quartett - Soundtrack from Electric Black James Taylor Quartett - Soundtrack from...
2018er CD des Quartetts, das hier mit Orchesterbegleitung zu hören ist. Inhalt: Electric Black Making Tracks Black Belting Sweet Revival Heidi's Revenge The Frug Sunshine in her smile Back home style
20,90 € *
Brian Auger  - Full Circle (The Brian Auger Piano Trio) Brian Auger - Full Circle (The Brian Auger...
Live-Mitschnitt eines Konzertes in Los Angeles im April 2018 mit Brian Auger am Piano Inhalt: A night in Tunesia Creepin' For dancers only Little sunflower It ain't necessarily so Chelsea bridge All Blues There is no greater love Victor's delight Pools
16,90 € *
James Taylor Quartett - Quickfire James Taylor Quartett - Quickfire
Compilation aus zwei Alben, die 2015 für die Audio Network Company entstanden sind. Titel: Whiskey attitude Rubbernecking Hot gelato Quick fire Fill it in Firebird Nail it Jerk stuff Chop the greens Mesmer's fantasy Monster groove La street fever Come to it Night journey Houston wiggle Brooklyn nights Up with the lark Head shot
14,90 € *
James Taylor Quartett - The Money Spider James Taylor Quartett - The Money Spider
CD-Wiederveröffentlichung eines Albums aus 1987 Titel: The Money Spider One Way Street Car Chase Spiral Staircase Mr. Cool's Dream Onion Club The Stroll Los Cuevos Pablo Midnight Stomp Buzzy Bee In The Park
12,90 € *
Brian Auger - Untold Tales (B. Auger and the Trinity Brian Auger - Untold Tales (B. Auger and the...
Liveaufnahmen mit der Sängerin Julie Driscoll aus dem Jahr 1968 Titel: Bumpin On Sunset Red Beans And Rice Introductions Save Me Outskirts Of Town A Day In The Live If You Live (aka Your Time Will Come) Season Of The Nitch This Wheel's On Fire Save Me
20,90 € *
Brian Auger - Voices Of Other Times ( Brian Auger's Oblivion Express) Brian Auger - Voices Of Other Times ( Brian...
Die Aufnahme aus 1999 ist jetzt zum Budgetpreis wieder erhältlich Titel: It Burns Me Up Isola Natale Voices Of Other Times Splatch Indian Rope Man Soul Glow Victor's Delight Circles Never Come Down Jam Side Down Indian Rope Man (Bonus Track, live in Bern, Switzerland, Nov. 17th 2000)
6,90 € *
Brian Auger - Back To The Beginning...Again, The Anthology Vol. 2 (2CD) Brian Auger - Back To The Beginning...Again,...
2016er Doppel-CD mit vielen Auger Klassikern, Fortsetzung der CD Compilation Anthology Vol.1 Disk 1 von 2: Love for sale Poinciana Work song It ain't necessarily so Misty M. G. blues In & out Pavane All ablues Lament for Miss Baker Maiden voyage Funky mama Moanin' Sister Sadie Straight ahead Disk 2 von 2: Light on the path Inner city blues Happiness is just around the bend...
20,90 € *
Jackie Mittoo - Wishbone Jackie Mittoo - Wishbone
Aufnahmen des eigenwilligen Reggae-Organisten aus 1971 Side One 01. Satisfaction 02. Groovy spirit 03. Love life 04. Wishbone 05. Grand funk 06. La-LA girls & Cha cha boys Side Two 01. Dry wine 02. Love of life 03. Soul bird 04. Steeple in the snow 05. Mother funk 06. Right track
12,90 € * 17,90 € *
Jackie Mittoo - Rides On Jackie Mittoo - Rides On
Reggae-Orgelsounds aus Jamaica für die Moonlight Bar 01. Jah jah harmony 02. Natty Congo rides on 03. Soulful times 04. Jumping up 05. Freedom smile 06. Taking you somewhere 07. Nanny Skank 08. Look at life 09. Hard times 10. Pray to play 11. To bad bull 12. No get dub over 13. Done upon the rhythm 14. Ain't to proud to play 15. Locksome
12,90 € * 18,90 € *
Adam Scone - Pure Cane Sugar Adam Scone - Pure Cane Sugar
Grooviges Jazzrock-Album der Band um den Saxofonisten Neal Sugarman 01. Funky so-and-so 02. Take it as it come 03. Pure cane 04. Shot down 05. Modern Jive 06. Promised land 07. Bosco's blues 08. Country girl 09. Honey wagon 10. La culebra 11. Down to it
12,90 € * 20,90 € *
Adam Scone - Soul Donkey (Sugarman Three) Adam Scone - Soul Donkey (Sugarman Three)
Ein weiteres Sugarman Three-Album mit "groovigem", orgellastigen Jazzrock 01. Soul donkey 02. Chicken half 03. Baby I love you 04. Turtle walk 05. Daisy rides again 06. Double back 07. Pull my cart 08. Mulin' around 09. Saddle for two 10. Out a sight 11. So long donkey
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